A few words about The Hills in East Quogue

The Hills in East Quogue is a master-planned, seasonal resort development by Discovery Land Company, the premier resort builder in the world.

Discovery Land Company’s core philosophy is to enhance the natural character and cultural heritage of each property it develops in order to create a unique sense of place that truly captures the innate spirit of the land itself. In East Quogue, The Hills development will preserve 424 acres of land in East Quogue.

The Hills will fit in with the nature of the community by respecting the history of the local farms, the beauty of the pine barrens and the charm of East Quogue. Throughout the development and operation of The Hills, Discovery Land Company will demonstrate an unparalleled commitment to environmental sensitivity through preservation and protection of natural resources and the adoption of the most advanced sustainability measures. In addition to the preservation of 424 acres of land, Discovery Land Company is committed to protecting our drinking water and surface water quality in the area by the deployment of:

a cutting-edge sewage treatment plant that can also be used by members of the community

-a local water recycling and purification effort using the golf course and grounds to remove excess nutrients from area groundwater

-$1,000,000 septic subsidy for locals to upgrade their septic systems

– An advanced waste water system at the East Quogue Elementary School

-the preservation of an additional 33 acres at the headwaters of Weesuck Creek, avoiding development in a sensitive area

-the retirement of 30 pine barrens credits to avoid additional development in the area

-$450,000 in bay restoration efforts including shellfish restocking. eel grass replanting and research to improve surface water quality


The Hills development will also support the local community and economy through significant expected tax revenues of over $7.6 million per year, local employment, significant donations and contributions to the East Quogue School District, including a redeveloped playground and fields.  This Summer resort is not expected to add any additional students to the school, based on the demographics of Discovery clientele who purchase their resort properties as a second, third or fourth home, which will result in a significant tax windfall for the school district.

Our commitments

Preserve the Majority of the Land

Protect Our Drinking Water

Support Our Community

Acres Preserved

Percent Open Space

Percent committed to East Quogue

Download the Town of Southampton's SEQR Environmental Impact Statement Findings Statement


Download The Hills Final Environmental Impact Statement


Download The Hills Draft Environmental Impact Statement


Our plans

Utilize advanced technology

The Hills will use the most advanced technologies including State-of-the-Art water treatment systems.

Maintain open space

The Hills plan maintains 95% of the land as open space, supporting area wildlife and protecting the tranquil character of East Quogue.

Protect water quality

The Hills plan utilizes advanced technology, organic materials and proven protocols to protect the quality of our drinking water.

Support the school

Through sizable donations and significant tax revenues, we will support the East Quogue community and elementary school without adding additional students.

Improve the local economy

The Hills community will help to improve the local economy through support of local businesses and the addition of local jobs.

Support the community

The Hills will be a caring community member who will work to protect and support East Quogue.

See what locals are saying about The Hills.

The East Quogue Chamber of Commerce supports The Hills PDD, without reservation.  We understand that The Hills PDD presents an opportunity to preserve 400+ acres of our precious land here in East Quogue.  We believe that the planned development of this 600+ acre parcel is best, and we understand that the restrictive covenants proposed will prevent overloading of our local elementary school. The EQ Chamber believes that our EQ community  will reap great economic and other benefits from this upscale development.  Discovery Land Company is a world renowned, luxury residential developer, and we trust that these respected developers will work with our Southampton Town elected officials, along with the local community, to prevent a strain on our community resources, and to best protect our drinking water and local bays.

As a business owner on Main Street in East Quogue, of course I support more business opportunities for everyone and a vibrant Main Street.  I think the Hills resort community will bring that to our town.  As a mother of four, I am most interested in the quality of life for my family and our community.  I have read all of the information about The Hills development, from all sources, and I feel that The Hills resort community plan is the best for my family and for East Quogue.  They will preserve hundreds of acres as open space, their technologies will help protect Shinnecock Bay and our groundwater and the support they will be providing to our school district is unparalleled.  Support East Quogue.  Support The Hills.