How The Hills will be Preserving the Land

At Discovery Land Company, we consider ourselves stewards and protectors of the land and areas we develop.

With The Hills resort, we are taking the same approach to protect our land, our water and the greater East Quogue community.

Our efforts include:
– Preserving 424 acres of land in East Quogue
– Keeping 95% of the land as open space
– Protecting East Quogue from fire hazards by removing illegal and dangerous bonfire pits
– Protecting our drinking water by using proven technology and processes
– Using only agronomic products specifically approved by Cornell University and the Town of Southampton
– Utilizing the latest technologies and environmentally-friendly processes in developing the community

Conservative Land Management Approach

The Hills is taking a very conservative approach to land management, as is the general practice of Discovery Land Company.  We are working with experts in environmental protection, responsible land planning and renewable resources to ensure that we preserve our land and resources for generations to come.  We are proud to lead these efforts with local experts to support the resources and people of Long Island.

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