How The Hills will be protecting our drinking water

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We are committed to protecting our drinking water and to improving the water quality in Shinnecock Bay.

Our land use plan conforms to Suffolk County Water Management assessments which promote long term water quality.  In addition, The Hills plans to support local Bay restoration efforts to improve the water quality in Shinnecock Bay.

On Long Island, we know that everything that goes into the ground, eventually goes into our groundwater. Discovery Land Company works with water experts and the latest technologies, including the latest in biological technologies, to protect our drinking water and surface water quality. In The Hills development area, Discovery Land Company is working with the latest technologies, state of the art waste management systems and other land management advancements to make sure that we maintain the high quality of our drinking water.

As a new member of the community, we are also working with Southampton Town to support programs that can improve the water conditions in Shinnecock Bay, which have been threatened by outdated septic systems near the water.  While the plans are not yet set, these are the types of efforts that are being discussed with Town Officials:

  • Support bay restoration projects
  • Support the deployment of advanced technologies
  • Deploy natural technologies to support bay denitrification
  • Support subsidies to replace outdated septic systems on densely populated land near and on the waterfront

Read more about advanced water treatment systems including the most beautiful one in the World, right here in the State of New York.

Some of our water and land management advisors include: