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General Questions about The Hills

What is the land currently being used for?

-The land is currently zoned for a subdivision with 118 single-residential homes.  Trespassers had built fires in wooded areas, dumped trash and cleared a lot of the land illegally over the years.  One man not connected to our company at all actually sold expensive hunting trips for hunters on the property.  Our security team is now on site to protect the land and wildlife.

How much of the land is going to be preserved?

-The Hills development will preserve 424 acres out of a total of 591 acres, or almost 72% of the land and 95% of the land will be kept as open space.

How does The Hills development reduce environmental impact from the previous plan?

-The Hills development plan is a master-planned resort that will preserve 424 acres of land in East Quogue, deploy cutting-edge environmental technologies, and which will only be fully operational for a few months during the year.  Environmental experts have reviewed all of the various plans and have concluded that The Hills plan is a much more pro-environmental plan compared to the current As of Rights zoning.

How much traffic is this going to create in the area?

-The Hills is a luxury resort and is not expected to be the primary residence for any of its members.  The Hills does expect the community to be well-visited in July and August each year as is the case for most communities in the Hamptons.

How many jobs will The Hills create?

-The Hills does not have an exact number of jobs that the development will create.  We do know from other developments that hundreds of local people should be engaged in ongoing services and support.

When is The Hills going to be open?

-The Hills is going through all of the Southampton Town building processes currently.   We hope to start building in 2018.

How can The Hills protect our drinking water?

-The Hills is a new member of the East Quogue community and we want to protect our water and our Bays like all residents.  We will deploy advanced water treatment systems and strict protocols to maintain excellent drinking water quality.  We are also working with Southampton Town to do our part in Bay Restoration efforts.  By working together, we can help the bays which have been overloaded with Nitrogen from antiquated septic systems near the water and unfiltered storm runoff over the years.

How does The Hills help the children of East Quogue?

-By developing the land in the way the Discovery Land Company will, the land will bring significant tax revenues which benefit the East Quogue School District.

How is The Hills going to help my taxes?

-The Hills is expected to pay over $7.6 million a year in taxes.  With The Hills support, the East Quogue School should be able to manage their budget without tax increases and the Southampton Tax Assessor expects that taxes for East Quogue residents should go down by 29% at build out.

How is The Hills going to make the the East Quogue School better?

-The Hills will be donating a significant amount of money to the school along with new playground equipment, access for science programs and other benefits requested by the school.